Months of the year in French

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Here you can find the months of the year in french and the aproximated pronunciation.

If is difficult to understand how to say them in French, I advice to search for the youtube videos with the months in french so you can have a better idea about the pronunciation. I am trying my best to put sound in these pages – coming soon!

Don’t forget to drag all the graphics to your desktop. I will be happy if I can help you learning french for free, so I ask that you don’t upload these graphics in some other site or blog. It is ok to use, send by email, print and do what do you want to learn it.

Learn the months of the year in french!

As you can see, The months of the year are not capitalized in French,

months of the year in french

learn the months of the year in french

After having a look at the months of the year in french, it is time to learn the seasons.

These 4 words are easy to learn and very useful.

french lessons - seasons in french

seasons in french - french lessons

Now we need to check the Days of the week and the Numbers in French to learn how to answer if someone ask us for the day.

Review the following lessons if you are not sure that you know them:

The page will open in a new window:

asking for the day - second graphic

learn french easy - asking for the day

If you already know the numbers in french, it is time to learn the time as well.

Asking for the time in french is not difficult, but be sure you can answer when someone ask you!

asking for the day, date and time in french

learn french easy - asking for the date in french

Here is a big review of what we learned today.

Repeat all these sentences and words several times, don’t forget you have to speak out aloud every sentence/word in french to become fluent.

You will not become fluent if you are not speaking in French.

asking for the time in french

what time is it? in french

This last graphic is just a little more information. These are very useful as well. Keep trying to memorize all of them, remember you can drag all these images to your desktop and keep it.

times of the day in french

learn french online

I am not expecting that you will memorize all these graphics at once, so take your time, keep the material with you, study at you pace. I will be here to help you every time you need some advice or more information.

I repeat, you don’t need to buy lots of things to get started. Use this basic lessons here and go on our French courses (free) first.

Have fun!