How to memorize French words

by Alexia Oliveira on 2011

More learning tips for you learn french easy!

The following example is an easy way to memorize a French word.
This is called a link-word technique, a type of memorization method
that can be used to learn a language. The edge that the link-word
technique has is how a French word is linked to an English word by
using matching sounds between the words.

As you read the example, try to imagine as if you are exactly where
the scenario is happening. Retain the key words in your mind, which
are the capitalized words, and retain the significant details.
Think about it several times and let it sink in until you can
recall it without reading.

English word = butter
French word = le beurre

Think of a bar of BUTTER close to tears as a BEAR refuses to let go
of it.

Strange, but it causes your mind to remember the words. It does not
even have to be exact. Focus on the sounds created when pronouncing
French words, for it is the key to the link word technique.

To learn more about memorizing French words easily as well as the
software to practice these techniques, click here!

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